Tripoli, 13/3/2020


The start of the "Home Care Services" Program is announced by the Urban Non-Profit Company "Amaltheia" for the expansion of the services of the Day Center for Adults with Mental Disorders, home care and special mental health care from the AMALTHEIA Day Center, with the no. 1 / 02-01-2020 decision of Inclusion of the Deed entitled: "Integrated Community Care Services and Home Care Services - ARKADIA" and MIS 5049170 in the OP. "Peloponnese 2014-2020" and with the co-financing of the European Social Fund.

The Act entitled "Services of Integrated Community Care and Home Care Services - ARKADIA" from the "Amaltheia" Day Center, concerns the development of a comprehensive community care and home care program by the Counseling Centers for Counseling-Therapeutic Center Mental Disorders. The new service provides the possibility of early detection of the needs of the mentally ill and their families / caregivers and their treatment with interventions that are implemented directly in the patient's family and social environment, with the aim of reducing hospitalizations and relapses, ensuring continuity, patient care and support for the family environment, as well as the decongestion of psychiatric wards and psychiatric hospitals.

Beneficiaries of the actions are the people who need mental health services, ie people of all age groups of the population, their family environment and supportive the community where the services take place "at home" psychiatric hospital. In particular, the population being served will be mainly patients who have recently been discharged from a psychiatric hospital and live in the community, but have an increased rate of recurrence and treatment (in psychiatric clinics) if there is no treatment support. Necessary evidence is the existence of a diagnosis by a public hospital and its pre-existing treatment in a psychiatric clinic, the persons to be monitored can be indicated by the competent DYPE, the social service of the psychiatric clinics (Hospitals) or social services of the local authorities.

The service is staffed by a Psychiatrist, Psychologist, Social Worker, Nurse, Physiotherapist and Administrative-Financial Officer.

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