Services provided to adults

"Amaltheia" Day Center is a place to prevent and restore mental health. Our services refer to:

• Adults of both sexes who experience mental health problems and need psychological support.

• Adult recipients of mental health services living in housing structures in the community or in their family environment. The services provided are aimed at preventing relapse of the disease and treating functional impairment, avoiding hospitalizations, promoting functional autonomy, social rehabilitation and pre-vocational training of the patients. More specifically, the services provided are:

  • Reception - Evaluation - Therapeutic Plan
  • Individual Psychological Support
  • Nursing Care: Day Care Center "Amalthia" provides personalized nursing care for its members.
  • Supportive Psychotherapeutic Groups
  •  Family counseling: Family support and counseling services are provided. The family or carers More specifically, the services provided are:
  • Supportive Psychiatry Support Network
  • Occupational Therapy - Creative Workshops: Workshops, support the members to exercise and improve his / her abilities.
  • Educational & Social Activities
  • Pre-vocational training groups
  • Promoting employment
  • Groups of varied activities (fixed and alternating groups)