What is "Amaltheia" Day Center

    The Amaltheia Day Center, is a psychosocial rehabilitation unit. The day center, was founded in 2008, as a part of the Second Phase of the Psychiatric Reform Program «PSYCHARGOS». It is co-funded by the European Social Fund and the Greek Ministry of Health. The services offered by the Day Center are:

  • Psychological Support

  • Group psychotherapy

  • Family Counseling - Parental Gounseling

Family support and counseling services are provided. The family or carers are supported, in order to create a  framework that will be more helpful to the member.

  • Nursing Care

The therapeutic programs take place either individually or in groups, according to the person's needs and interests, operating in a secure environment.

  • Supportive network of interconnected psychiatry.

  • Occupational Therapy - Creative Employment Workshops.

The workshops, support each member to exercise and improve his abilities.

  • Social and Cultural Events

Every member, is enchanced to participate in every aspect of the social life of the municipality, including social and cultural event

  • Campaigns for raising community awareness.          

Day Center goals

  • Psychosocial rehabilitation and professional reintegration of the members

  • The development and strengthening of individual and social skills of members to enhance self-esteem and their appropriate autonomy.

  • Promoting and ensuring continued family care.

  • For us, the community plays an important role in a complete intervention, therefore, we stand by the human needs by raising awareness about mental health issues within the community

  • Every person is a special individual and such is the care offered. Respect towards the child and the family is self-evident.

  • We are able to recognize the strong features, and based on their individual characteristics we care for the development and improvement of the individual as well as of the social skills of the members, working towards self-respect and autonomy.

  • Within the limits of treatment we include in the process the parents, teachers or any other person of the immediate environment the child deems of importance

For more infrormation you can contact with us.